1 lb., 11 oz. Whale’s Tooth


”1 lb., 110z. Whale’s Tooth’ Rare large raw sperm whale’s tooth. Perfect for scrimshaw, vertical or horizontal, or intricate carving or just collecting. Not many of this size around  today. Looks like it has been lightly polished and the base has been slightly rounded off. The tip has also been slightly polished at some time. Quite rare.

This scrimshaw is done on a sperm whale’s tooth. Federal legislation bans the interstate shipment of whale ivory. It can only be shipped intrastate (within the state). All of our whale ivory is located with our associate in the state of Ohio. It can be purchased directly from our website and shipped only to an address within the state of Ohio. If one has a relative, trusted friend or business associate within the state of Ohio, we can ship to that specified address in order to comply with Federal legislation. The scrimshaw can then be forwarded it to you and everyone complies with the law. Any questions, email or call us.

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Whale's Tooth

Ivory Size:

3 1/8"W x 7 3/4"L


761 grams