Busy Harbor Scene


“Busy Harbor Scene” black and white scrimshaw on ancient walrus tusk ivory artifact by Gerry Dupont. A great deal is  going on in this detailed harbor scene created by scrimshander, Dupont. Towering cranes are seen working in the construction of a vessel, ships are moored along the wharfs with  more masts in the background. Excellent composition. This is a interesting artifact. Note the tiny holes drilled into the tapered end, still filled with dirt that has been there for hundreds of years. Not really sure how it was used, one of the intriguing aspects of the ivory. Great addition for any collection.

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9 1/4"L x 1 7/8"D x 2 3/4"H


Ancient Walrus Tusk Ivory Artifact

Ivory Size:

1 1/8"W x 8 3/8"L


Dark Walnut