Flying Cloud Clipper Ship


Black and white scrimshaw on ancient walrus tusk ivory artifact by Jim Pauls. The most famous of the clipper ships designed by Donald McKay, Flying Cloud set the record for the fastest time between New York and San Francisco: 89 days and 8 hours in 1854. The record stood for over 100 years! She was known for her extremely close race with Hornet in 1853; for having a woman navigator, Eleanor Creesy, wife of Josiah Perkins Creesy who skippered Flying Cloud on two record-setting voyages from New York to San Francisco; and for sailing in the Australia and timber trades. Scrimshander Pauls is well known for his straight line work and this  is a fine example of his ability. It is done on a large, heavy (337g) piece of ancient walrus ivory that was used as a net sinker by Eskimos along the northern Bering sea hundreds and hundreds of years ago. The net sinker itself is in pristine condition. Not many like this around today.

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