Gary Williams


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I have always been interested in art and got a degree in Art Education at Eastern Kentucky University. I have worked as an Illustrator for the U.S. Army since 1976. Since that time I have pursued other Freelance jobs. I have been involved in ceramic sculpture, Limited Edition Prints, and various Illustration work.

I have illustrated for Books, Magazines, Calendars, Record Labels, as well as doing work for Fine Art prints. It was through the circulation of the Prints that I was introduced to Scrimshaw. A Custom Knife Maker named Gene Baskett liked my paintings and contacted me with the idea of Scrimshaw work on his knives. That was in 1987 and I have been primarily involved in this medium since that time. It seems I found my niche in the art world in Scrimshaw and gained a very good friend in Gene. While doing the freelance illustration work, I wanted to separate it from my Fine Art painting and did so by signing my Illustration work with ‘Garbo’ (a nickname I picked up in college) rather than my signature. When I started scratching ivory I used that same pen name as my signature.