Gerry Dupont


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Upon completing four year of visual design training at Southeastern Massachusetts University in the early ‘70’s, Gerry Dupont happened upon the medium of scrimshaw by answering an ad in a local newspaper, which essentially stated, “Artist Wanted”. After developing his own style and technique during this time, Mr. Dupont began to enter juried competitions at the Mystic Maritime Gallery in Connecticut. On three of the six occasions entered in the Mystic International, he won the coveted Award of Excellence.

On March 1st, 1996, Mr. Dupont won the Oahi Award in the first ever “Hawaiian International” scrimshaw competition. This event, juried by collectors from the U.S. and abroad, garnered him a two to one lead over the next closest competitor in the colored scrimshaw category. The following year, he won the Maui Award for the best black and white nautical scene, as well as the Oahu Award for the second year in a row.

Although his topic might include whales, deck scenes and ships at sea, his true forte is dock scenes and their related activities. After more than thirty years in this medium, Mr. Dupont is still regarded as being at the top of his form by collectors new and old, who continue to seek his work.