Color scrimshaw on an impressive ancient walrus tusk ivory artifact by Heidi Robichaud. This was created by Robichaud in 1985 and is from the collection of a client who is no longer with us. He had his own oak stands made for most pieces in his collection with space for a brass nameplate to be engraved with a title and name of the scrimshander. Unfortunately, he never got around to that part. One does not have to be a dance enthusiast to appreciate the lines and beauty of the ballerina. This is done on one of those artifacts that we never come across anymore. It was used as an ice axe and also as a type of whetstone to shape thick fish bones that would be used as sewing needles, hence the grooves in the side. Amazing, indeed. This massive piece of ivory weighs over 3 pounds! We won’t see another like this again.

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