Edward S. Davoll, Whaleship Captain c.1850




Black and white scrimshaw on ancient mammoth ivory by Gerry Dupont. One of the most difficult things to do in scrimshaw is an effective black and white portrait. Award winning scrimshander, Dupont, has knocked it out of the park with this one! Note the intense gaze of the austere Captain as well as the sheen on the well worn beaver hat. You can see the folds in the Captain’s coat, vest and the fabric on the requisite photographer’s table. You can even make out the veins in his weather beaten hands. Outstanding! The script on the back is done in the stilted style of the mid 1800s and the whaleship is neatly bordered with a twisted rope. No detail is too small for Dupont in this winner. Although the ivory is not of gigantic size, the work is first rate all the way and worthy of any fine scrimshaw collection.

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