Live Entertainment Onboard


“Live Entertainment Onboard” black and white scrimshaw on ancient mammoth tusk ivory by Martin Bandy. Shipboard music entertains several crew members, inspiring some to do a little jig. Note the way Bandy frames the piece with the sail’s outline. Nicely done. Bandy passed away years ago, but was considered one of the very best black and white scrimshanders of his era. His composition and eye for detail were amazing. His work rarely appears on the market today as most collectors simply do not want to part with his pieces. This was created in 1978 and is from the collection of one of our clients who is no longer with us. It appears the stand was damaged at one point and repaired. The mammoth ivory does not perfectly fit as the repairs were less than professional. Rare opportunity to add a Bandy work to one’s collection at a very good price. Substantial piece of mammoth ivory weighs one pound.


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