Seductive River Naide


“Seductive River Naide” color scrimshaw on large slab of ancient mammoth tusk ivory by David Adams. Sirens were often mentioned in mythology. Most assume that all sirens were ocean sirens as described so powerfully by Homer. Hence, the origin of “siren song”, a song that is beautiful and sweet, but leads to doom. It would be difficult to resist the songs of this beautiful siren. Scrimshander, Adams, put everything he knows about the art of scrimshaw into this masterpiece and it shows. Just look at the transparent water below the surface. Amazing how he pulled that off. The effect of the flowing waterfall in the background is amazing as is the minute detail on the foliage of the damp hills. Love the extra added touch of the braided vines in her hair. The amount of work in this is hard to describe. It took months and months of toil by the artist to achieve this. Also, the thick slab of perfect mammoth ivory is quite rare. This is the type of art that one keeps in the family for generations. Cannot praise this one enough!

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