Black and white scrimshaw on matched set of whale’s teeth by Ray Peters. This is from the collection of one of our clients who is no longer with us. Rare matched set of whale’s teeth done by Peters a couple of decades ago. For those who pay attention to such details, each tooth weighs in at 212 gm. This is an excellent opportunity to add a very well done piece by Peters to your collection.

This scrimshaw is done on a sperm whale’s tooth. Federal legislation bans the interstate shipment of whale ivory. It can only be shipped intrastate (within the state). All of our whale ivory is located with our associate in the state of Ohio. It can be purchased directly from our website and shipped only to an address within the state of Ohio. If one has a relative, trusted friend or business associate within the state of Ohio, we can ship to that specified address in order to comply with Federal legislation. The scrimshaw can then be forwarded it to you and everyone complies with the law. Any questions, email or call us.

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7 1/2"L x 2 3/4"D x 6 3/4"H


Whale's Tooth

Ivory Size:

1 3/4"W x 5 1/4"H (each one)


Kona Wood and Ancient Walrus Tusk Ivory