Leopard at Rest


“Leopard at Rest” color scrimshaw on ancient mammoth tusk ivory by Jim Fields. An endangered leopard reclines on a moss covered branch in a forest in Southeast Asia. Not many of these left in that area today. Fields created this for us in 1988 and it is mounted on a classic stand by the late Ken Fredericks. Huge piece of primo mammoth ivory, by the way. Fields worked by Scrimshaw Gallery for a couple of years and then disappeared. First, he sent me photos of his work and asked if I would be interested. The work was of this caliber. Then, he called (collect) and  we talked after I said I would accept the charges. There was a great deal of noise and clanging of metal in the background. When I asked about it he said he was calling from a prison, but was up for parole. Later, a parole agent called and I assured him that Fields would be fine making money doing scrimshaw. He gained parole, worked for a couple of years getting better and better, then disappeared. Never did meet him. Crazy business at times.

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